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  1. English Longbows The English Longbow is probably the most famous bow in the world and a firm favourite with The Longbow Shop. With it's rich battle history there is no surprise that the humble longbow is very much a part of modern day archery and a popular choice for traditional archers
  2. Longbow makers with over 30 years of experience making fine traditional English longbows and arrows,videos on how to make an english longbow, suppliers of all traditional archery accessories/equipment associated with the Longbow, longbow sho
  3. The English Longbow is well known as a historical bow made from a single stave with relatively narrow limbs so that they are circular, oval or D-shaped in the cross section. With varied lengths roughly equal to that of the archer, they are the perfect instrument for your needs. Built from many different types of woods throughout many cultures.

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The most famous bow in the world is the English Longbow. With such a history it is no surprise that the longbow is still a popular choice for archers today. Although today's bows outperform the longbow in every department, there is no true substitute for it. You do not own a longbow because of it is accuracy or ease of use. You own a longbow because of what it is; A beautiful, authentic. The English longbow, also called the Welsh longbow, was a powerful type of medieval longbow used to great effect against the French during the Hundred Years War, particularly at the Battle of Agincourt..

Kevin Hicks from the History Squad demonstrates how to shoot a traditional English Longbow. If you like this, there are more free videos at www.squaducation.. The History of the English Longbow. The English Longbow or Welsh Longbow was the AK-47 of its day; reliable and powerful, with a quick rate of fire and exceptional range. This weapon would earn its fame from the Hundred Years' War fought between England and France, in battles such as Crecy (1346), Poitiers (1356) and Agincourt (1415) Linen Backed English Longbow. Linen Backed English Longbow. Regular price $199.00 Sale price $199.00 Sale. Medieval Battle Bow. Medieval Battle Bow. Regular price $199.00 Sale price $199.00 Sale. Exclusive Membership. The Grayvn Traditional Archers was formed to bring together those who own Grayvn Traditional Archery items.. English Longbows, Flatbows, recurve bows, Horse bows plus arrow making tools and wooden arrows can all be found on our pages. We provide archery equipment for traditional archers including Bows, Arrows, Archery Targets and Arrow Tools. Whatever your Longbow requirements, The Longbow Shop has the knowledge and extensive product ranges to satisfy.

The English longbow, also called the Welsh longbow, is a powerful type of medieval longbow (a tall bow for archery) about 6ft (1.8 m) long used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in medieval warfare. English use of longbows was effective against the French during the Hundred Years' War, particularly at the start of the war in the battles of Sluys (1340), Crécy (1346), and. The English longbow was an infantry weapon used on foot. The Japanese Yumi was at first a cavalry weapon. Although they are remembered for their swordsmanship, the early samurai were mounted troops whose primary instrument was the bow and arrow. Traditional Japanese archery is known as Kyūdō while traditional Japanese mounted archery is known. We make videos about the English Longbow, `How tos` and some comedy vlogs etc, we aim most of our videos at beginners, but we do some in depth videos too. If there is an aspect of bow or arrow.

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The English longbow was known as a very powerful medieval longbow that reached about six feet in height; it was commonly utilized by the Welsh and English for hunting purposes, and it was also used as a very effective medieval weapon for warfare.. The English use of the longbow was highly effective against the French troops and this was during the known Hundred Years War The earliest printed book in English about longbow archery was the Toxophilus, first published in London in 1545 and dedicated to King Henry VIII. Roger Ascham, its author, was a keen archer and a lecturer at St John's College, Cambridge.The book is written in the form of a dialogue between a lover of study and a lover of the bow, who defends archery as a noble pastime The English Longbow is the Plainsrider Bow's older, meaner sister, possessing much more damage, the fourth highest in the game, behind the Thanatos .50 Cal, and tied with the Heavy Crossbow. However, each arrow is pulled back for a much longer time than the Plainsrider in order to achieve maximum distance and accuracy, limiting it to best be. Because the longbow can be made from a single piece of wood, it can be crafted relatively easily and quickly. Amateur bowyers today can make a longbow in about ten to twenty hours, while highly skilled bowyers, such as those who produced medieval English longbows, can make wooden longbows in just a few hours. [citation needed]One of the simpler longbow designs is known as the self bow, by. The English longbow, made of wood from the English yew tree ( Taxus baccata ), became famous in legend and history for the victories it won over the French at the battles of Crécy, Poitiers, and Agincourt during the Hundred Years' War. Composite bows made of wood, horn,. Read More

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  1. Traditional Forest Longbow. Our Traditional Forest Longbow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a longbow. Each bow is crafted from a single piece of premium solid hickory, stained in brown and comes with your draw weight painted below the handle. Sku: 5001200. Price: $184.95
  2. It's part of the English national myth, after all. But I think my facts about the English longbow are based on the evidence (don't we all) Famously made of yew. In fact, ash was also used and was perfectly effective. They didn't call it a longbow back in the day. They just called it a bow. Or a war bow. The bow was taller that the user
  3. The English Longbow, know in Britain simply as the longbow, was a preferred weapon of choice in the middle ages, especially during the Hundred Years' War between England and France. The English Longbow was very difficult to master because it took considerable strength and practice to wield and shot the bow
  4. The English Longbow is a scaled-down version of the mighty War Bows used in the Middle Ages and before. The number of recreational Longbow Archers has exploded in the last decade, and now not only are there many more solely shooting Longbow, an even bigger number of Recurve and Compound Archers also own a longbow which they shoot for sheer enjoyment now and then
  5. The term 'primitive bow' is used to describe any bow made from natural materials such as wood, horn and sinew. There are no pulleys, sights, stabiliser or other modern gadgets to help the archer. I make a range of primitive bows, the most popular being the English longbow and pyramid bows
  6. Longbows are the icon of traditional archery. Longbows can be easier to shoot because of their longer length and thicker limbs don't bend on a bad release

There are those who think that the bows of the Hundred Years War were more powerful as this was the heyday of the military longbow. Ascham also mentions general discontent among military experts regarding the decline of the power of English archery in his time, the mid 16 th century. However he seems to be specifically referring to the growth. The English Longbow has two main types of construction as far as types of material go, you either make a Self bow, a bow made from one piece of wood or a Laminated bow, one made of many pieces of wood glued together. The video below shows the basics of gluing laminations together and putting the stave to cure on a `former` We always advise that you call or contact Bickerstaffe Bows to discuss your longbow and archery requirements before placing an order. Telephone :- +44 (0) 1509 673863 (we may be using machinery and may not hear the phone - please email if that is the case) Email :- pip@bickerstaffebows.co.uk using our contact page

Steve Turay 906-458-5035 nmlongbow@gmail.com. Sprague # 0420-02 64 65@28 Right hand Tempered Bamboo core, Straight Curly Maple handle and Green glass $715.00. SOLD #1120-01 66 56@28 Right hand, Maple core, American Elm veneers, Straight Shedua handle Clear glass and Tip wedge $715.00. SOLD # 0620-11 64 60 @ 28 Right hand. Proud to be the home of archery throughout the Five English Regions of Archery GB. Over 40,000 Archery GB members belong to clubs and through their clubs English counties and regions : East Midlands, Grand Western, Northern Counties Southern Counties, West Midlands. Click on the link to take you through to your local Region and County Laminate Bow Staves. Laminate bow staves can be made to order, these will usually be used for making an English Longbow style of bow, They can be 2 or 3 laminates, The make up of these staves is usually Hickory or Bamboo Backing and Lemon wood belly, The 3 laminate bows will have a tapered hard wood core from a suitable quality bow wood Here at Etelon Longbows we specialise in quality laminated bows. We make a wide range of Longbows to suit the needs of the traditional archer. Target bows,Field archery bows. Heavy Warbows, flight bows, and re-enactment bows. We supply traditional archery accessories such as Bodkins, fletching jigs, feathers, Horn and bow kits Pacific Yew, Inc. - - Maker of fine yew longbows. Maker of fine yew longbows and recurve bows for the archery community. Pacific Yew, Inc. PO Box 721. Fall City WA 98024. Phone (425) 761-3696. email: webmaster@selfbow.com. Jay St. Charles, bowyer. updated: November 13, 2018

The Greyhawke English Longbow has no arrow shelf, making it suitable for right or left handed shooters. It is recommended that you use a bowglove (sold separately.) Roughly 72 tip-to-tip with draw weights of 30-35#, 35-40#, 40-45#, 45-50#, and 50-55# @ 28 draw. Please specify. This bow does not come with a bow stringer Classic English Longbow. Adding product to your cart. This bow is a beautiful piece of history that is great for reenactors, target shooting and hunting. This bow meets the classic 8/5 rule for historical shoots and feels great in the hand. This is the essence of what a bow should be; simple, smooth, and fun to shoot Bow making course details. Bow making courses are done over a weekend where a maximum of 3 students will create their own bow, either an English Longbow or an American Longbow, Students will be given a glued up bow stave and will be taken through the process of shaping and tillering their own bow to the draw weight they require, making the bow string and handle grip if required and will leave. The English longbow. The English longbow is the most famous type of longbow. It has a narrow limb, deep core, and used to be roughly around 6ft/1.8m tall (but certain warbow-weight models could surpass 1.9m). It's usually made out of yew, even though materials such as ash or elm were also used traditionally

The longbow has a rich history that would require volumes to fully document. Here is a bit of information and history about the longbow, with particular interest in the development and use of the English Longbow and the English archer army. Enter ye traveleres of goode hearte TOPARCHERY 67 Traditional Longbow 30-70lbs Bow and Arrow Set with 4Pcs Wooden Arrows Takedown Recurve Bow Hunting English Longbow for Right Hand Left Hand Adult Outdoor Practice $149.99 $ 149 . 99 $6.00 shippin

In fact, some English monarchs banked on this 'exclusivity' of longbow-based archery skills that gave their armies an edge over other contemporary European forces (usually comprising crossbowmen) - so much so that numerous statutes were passed that obligated many retainers to practice their archery on Sundays Longbow Club success at Covid-19 Trial Clout. Congratulations to Steve Williams, 1st Gent Longbow, Katrina Horton, 2nd Lady Longbow and Alison Williams, 3rd Lady Longbow at the much awaited return of competitive archery. Neston Company of Archers ran a trial clout competition to see how Covid-19 restrictions would affect competitive archery Longbow Archers is a Reference Site for the Longbow with direct link in History, Associations, Competitions, Technical, latest Research and Trends. Longbow Technical characteristics . The longbow. Yew needs to be seasoned and dried slowly. It needs to be split rather than sawn in order to follow the grain of the wood 'amaranth' english longbow 'Amaranth' English longbows are made to the British Long-Bow Society specification, with horn nocks and the prescribed 'D' section. (Other styles are available, please contact me to discuss these via the link below.

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This is a Handcrafted English longbow made in the U.S.A. with 30 years experience This is a D shape self bow without arrow rest it can be shot right or left handed. It come in 45lb with a 28 draw it can be drawn to 30 inches 9. Over 130 longbows survive today. While no English longbows survive from their heyday in the 13th to 15th centuries, more than 130 bows survive from the Renaissance period. An incredible recovery of 3,500 arrows and 137 whole longbows came from the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's ship that sank at Portsmouth in 1545

Longbow, bow commonly 6 feet (1.8 metres) tall and the predominant missile weapon of the English in the Hundred Years' War and on into the 16th century. It was probably of Welsh origin. The best longbows were made of yew, might have required a force of as much as 150 to 180 pounds (70 to 80 kg) to draw, and shot arrows a cloth yard (about 37 inches, or 94 cm) long, with an effective range of. © 2017 Adrian Hayes Longbows. All rights reserved. Site design, brand, product photography and imagery by Olli Wilson - OWCREATIVE. © 2017 OWCREATIVE. All rights. The only tools i had to use were a ban saw, a belt sander, and a rats tail file for the knocks. i also made two arrows using dowels modeled after English longbow arrows found on the Mary Rose, but i will not be firing these due to the instability of the dowels Examining an English longbow. In this video, Anne Curry interviews Thom Richardson, deputy master at the Royal Armouries. They examine and discuss a genuine medieval longbow. View transcript. 8.1. ANNE CURRY: I'm delighted to be here in the Mary Rose Museum. We're very grateful to the Mary Rose Trust for allowing us access to their reserve. Like Mr. Muir, I have found myself unable to reach 300 yards with the English long-bow. The first occasion I refer to was in April 1884, when at Abbot's Hill, in Hertfordshire, I shot 286 yards. The air was still; and the distance was measured carefully by Mr. Lewis Evans with a surveyor's chain. I used a 62-lb. self-yew bow by Aldred which was.

English longbow archery bow traditional archery bow wooden english longbow handmade longbow bamboo longbow laminated arvhery bow LARP SCA Valhallaworld 4.5 out of 5 stars (206) CA$ 263.73 FREE delivery Add to Favourites English longbow: 70-72 Medieval English traditional wooden longbow 30-40 lbs. Excited to start working on this billet, and I was told here that I could make two bows out of it, one from the sapwood and one from the heartwood. Past that, I was wondering what dimensions I should shape each piece to (width and depth) for it to end up as a D style English longbow English Longbow for Medieval Archery and Practice of Traditional Archery Technique, SCA Archery England Longbow, Historical Wooden Long Bow GypsyKingArmor 5 out of 5 stars (348) $ 199.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 71 Bow & Arrow Combo - Longbow + 3 Arrows. Every longbow on the Mary Rose was found to be made with high-quality yew. For such a fabled 'English' technology, almost all the yew had come from continental Europe. Henry VIII sent agents to Italy, Austria and Poland to find the finest, tallest, close-grained yew for export back to England

The Birth Of A Weapon. Part I. English longbow making by Northmen. This is a documentary movie uncovering making of a traditional English longbow from log to a shooting weapon. Camera & Edit - Jacob, carpenter. For preorder traditional longbows: crew@neemantools.com tl;dnr — unwieldy being long and asymmetrical, and for one not used to kyudo, weak and underwhelming. I had shot a replica Yumi made from bamboo, and a long bow (not an English one, just a regular long bow made from a modern piece of wood), here i..

English Longbow Company offers english longbows, warbows, bow building supplies, traditional arrows, bowhunting equipment, primitive archery gear, carbon arrows, and quivers The 'English Longbow' was introduced by the Welsh Although it is commonly referred to as the English Longbow it was in fact first used by the Welsh. The Welsh made use of the longbow against the English, repelling attempts by the English to attack Wales, prior to the Norman invasion of 1066 The English Longbow was one of the defining weapons of the middle ages. It helped England challenge the might of the French and enabled ordinary peasants to defeat wealthy knights. Origins. The longbow is generally considered to be an invention of the middle ages, but in truth it has been around since the ancient era

The scaled up 6' longbow was developed in England, between 1300 and 1320, in a large-scale English Army context. The draw-weight power of the small but strong South Welsh bows must have been one of the influences that inspired a scaling up of the English bow; quite possibly it was picked up by the elite Cheshire archers while on service in. The English longbow was one of the most famous weapons of the medieval period. Though it required extensive training, the longbow could prove devastating on the battlefield and longbow-equipped archers provided the backbone of English forces during the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453). During this conflict, the weapon proved decisive at victories such as Crécy (1346), Poitiers (1356), and.

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This was the main missile weapon in the English armies and clearly the Welsh longbow compares very favorably. Indeed, such was the fear of the Welsh warbow, in comparison to the inferior Anglo-Norman crossbow, that Welsh men were barred from bringing their weapons across the border The English longbow, also called the Welsh longbow, is a powerful type of medieval longbow (a tall bow for archery) about 6 ft (1.83 m) long used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in medieval warfare.English use of longbows was effective against the French during the Hundred Years' War, particularly at the start of the war in the battles of Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356.

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The WOOMERA. The WOOMERA longbow is designed and handcrafted using BO-TUFF fibreglass and selected timbers, and has been proven to be smooth drawing and yet have good cast, efficiency and reliability. We have nearly 40 years manufacturing experience and thanks to continued requests for our quality custom-made longbows we will be happy to discuss the making of a long bow to your specification English Longbow. 1,931 likes · 29 talking about this. Traditional longbows were constructed from yew wood which was dried for one to two years, with it slowly being worked into shape over that time... Description of the Product. Locally made high-quality handmade arrows that work perfectly with our English longbow.These arrows can of course be used with any bow but the length and stiffness of the arrow is selected to work particularly well with our English longbow.These arrows have short parabola-shaped feathers that were specially popular in England and USA during the 19th century Classic English Longbow with Horn Nocks. Classic English Longbow with Horn Nocks. Regular price $249.00 Sale price $249.00 Sale. Medieval Battle Bow. Medieval Battle Bow. Regular price $199.00 Sale price $199.00 Sale. Linen Backed English Longbow. Linen Backed English Longbow. 'Amaranth' English longbows are made to the British Long-Bow Society specification, with horn nocks and the prescribed 'STACKED D' section. Several important stages in building the stave, and careful training to bend ensure these laminated longbows are a good combination of speed and shootability

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The English longbow was a powerful medieval type of longbow used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in warfare. The English use of longbows was effective against the French during the Hundred Years' War, perhaps most famously at the Battle of Agincourt Longbows. We are proud to carry the largest selection of unique longbows in the nation. Call us at 877-843-5559 about any bow. Dial it down by weight: Longbows: Under 29# • 30-34# • 35-39# • 40-44# • 45-49# • 50-54# • 55-59# • 60-64# • Over 65#. Jack Moody - 58@28 - 68 - JM58MO —. Regular price English Style Longbows: These wooden longbows feature a longer, smoother draw with narrow limbs. This is an excellent target and field archery bow for traditional archers. The longbows are finished with several hand rubbed coats of oil and waxed for a durable finish. Each yew bow comes with a bow bag and a Flemish twist string

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English archers were famous and feared for their skill with the longbow, which is sometimes also called Welsh longbow. Even when the stronger crossbows were invented, English archers could still outshoot them, because bows are much faster to reload than any crossbow and they had an incredible range 67 English Longbow 25-70lbs Straight Bow Traditional Archery Hunting Target. $80.74 to $90.24. Was: $94.9

As a custom bowyer, Big Stick Archery specializes in handmade recurve bows. Contact us for your custom longbow and traditional bow needs We also know that a longbow is traditional and classic and is made from one long piece of wood, that can be referred to as a self-bow. If you look at a longbow, the bow resembles a closed parenthesis ) or the shape of a capital D. Throughout history, the English have been known for their superb longbows

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Huntsman Medieval English Longbow. Regular price $219.00 Sale price $219.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. SKU: 36358-1. Mohawk Bubinga 19 T/D Riser. Mohawk Bubinga 19 T/D Riser. Regular price $425.00 Sale price $425.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. SKU: 30342-1. Kiowa Recurve 52 Kiowa Recurve 52 Regular. English Longbow Testing against various armor circa 1400 By Matheus Bane January 2006 . Throughout all my research on archery and armour, one detail seems to vary from expert to ex-pert. This detail is the effectiveness of armour against archery. From one source to another, th With the English Longbow you can shoot all the different competitions and different disciplines, unlike any other bow. With Field, Target, Roving Marks, Clout and flight, plus re-enacting if you fancy dressing up as well, there is plenty to choose from. Read on to see just how you can enjoy your bow 71 You-Finish Bamboo-Backed English Longbow 71 Traditional Hickory You-Finish Bamboo-Backed English Longbow! Specs: Length: 71 Width: 1.5 Draw Length: 28 Handle: Shoot Off-the-Hand $149.99 Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. $134.99 64 You-Finish Hickory Recurve.

OUTLAW English Longbow - from Robin Hood Archery! (Contains bow, string, brass nock, string keeper & stringer) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but boy does this Outlaw English Longbow tick all the right boxes. Stunningly finished, beautifully crafted and with performance that pushes the boundaries for an English Longbow The english/welsh longbow has passed into folklore as the most decisive weapon of its era, with victories at Crecy and Agincourt being attributed to its armour piercing capability. At Crecy this was no doubt true, but plate armour had not been developed to its true potential at this time Longbow: The longbow was used in the Middle Ages both for hunting and as a weapon of war and reached its zenith of perfection as a weapon in the hands of English and Welsh archers. The longbow was first recorded as being used by the Welsh in 633 C.E., when Offrid, the son of Edwin, king of Northumbria, was killed by an arrow shot from a Welsh longbow during a battle between the Welsh and the. Clearly, the longbows were just one element in a highly integrated battle plan that had deep roots in English doctrine and tradition at the time. English rule of law, firm protection for private property and relatively larger and broader middle-class or lower nobility, allowed the longbow to become a major battlefield weapon and to be available. Longbow making instructions. I hope that this guide will inspire you to make your own longbow. If you need further help or want to know more about longbow making, consider reading the book Making Traditional Bows, which is available only through this website in both ebook and paperback formats - Click here >> Below I will take you through the making of a simple laminate longbow with a.

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We also stock longbows from Cartel, who commenced business in 1975, the year of Abbey's inception. Cartel started in Kimpo City in South Korea. View more product information - click the product name. Bear Au Sable Longbow 64in. $839.95 $763.59 excl. GST Bear Montana Longbow 64in. $586.9 Our traditional English Longbow and archery catalogue, featuring Lemonwood and Bamboo,Yew Longbows, Arrows and full range of archery accessories, longbow shop RICHARD HEAD LONGBOWS have over 30 years experience in making and selling English Longbows and arrows.. Define longbow. longbow synonyms, longbow pronunciation, longbow translation, English dictionary definition of longbow. n. A long, hand-drawn bow, such as that used in medieval England, which sometimes exceeded 6 feet in length. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English.. English Longbow. English longbow. Longbow, beautifully illustrated in colour and black and white, is a compelling story and a major contribution to the history of archery. During normal postal service if after working days your order has not arrived please notify u The English longbow, also called the Welsh longbow, is a powerful type of medieval longbow (a tall bow for archery) about 6 ft (1.8 m) long used by the English and Welsh for hunting and as a weapon in medieval warfare.English use of longbows was effective against the French during the Hundred Years' War, particularly at the start of the war in the battles of Sluys (1340), Crécy (1346), and.

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The Montana is our favorite longbow product in the Bear Archery line. Bear is one of the top names in the industry so it is hard to find a product that isn't good from them. With this longbow, it is so versatile you can use it in a variety of activities - from hunting all the way to target shooting. From 45 - 65 pound draw, a beginner may. How To Make A Longbow Step By Step Guide. The hunting longbow was the most advanced and innovative invention of its day.. Equally silent, stealthy, simple, and utterly lethal.. Whoever created the bow and arrow, surely had no idea how they were carving out the future of humanity English (American) Nederlands Français Deutsch Italiano 한국어 OwO Polski Português (Brasil) Русский 简体中文(中国) Español ไทย Türkçe (TR) Translate Our Site! We've detected that you're running Internet Explorer, our site does not support IE at all and you will run into problems ロングボウ(英語: Longbow )は主にグレートブリテン島のウェールズおよびイングランドで使用された弓の事。 長弓の一種で狩猟、戦争などに用いられ、名前のとおり長さが4-6フィート(120-180cm)程もある長大なものである。 英語表記の Longbow は日本語で長弓と和訳されているが、本来は縦(Long.

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The Medieval English & Welsh longbow may look the same shape as much older bows but was much longer, requiring so much strength to use that longbowmen, as others have noted, had noticeably deformed skeletons, suggesting training was arduous and began early Ragim Wolf Longbow 68 45# RH. Wolf is the perfect longbow for archers who... $295.00. View... Out of Stock. Oak Ridge Ash Hybrid LongBow 62 R/H Flemish. - Bow length: 62 - Brace height: 7 - Wood... $295.00. View.. Bamboo Backed Osage Orange Longbow. Created with Sketch. (Required) View Options Osage orange + $15 Ipe (Brazillian Walnut) + $15 Hickory + $15 Bacote + $15 Bloodwood + $15 Canarywood + $15 none, thank you! Facebook Created with Sketch. Twitter Created with Sketch. Linkedin Created with Sketch. Pinterest Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch Crossword Clue The crossword clue Conifers whose wood was used in English longbows with 9 letters was last seen on the August 08, 2021.We think the likely answer to this clue is YEW TREES.Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer

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The Longbow is an unlockable weapon in Resident Evil 5. It appears similar to traditional Bushman bows. The Longbow is an exclusive weapon to Sheva Alomarand is available after fully upgrading the S75 (RIF), completing the game once (any difficulty), and buying it for ₦50,000. The Longbow is a very unique weapon in that it has no targeting laser or aiming cursor whatsoever; instead players.

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