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Honda S800. Der Honda S800 ist ein Cabriolet oder Kombicoupé mit längsliegendem Frontmotor und Hinterradantrieb von Honda. Dieser Sportwagen kam 1967 als erstes japanisches Automobil auf den deutschen Markt und wurde von 1966 bis 1970 in der Fertigungsstätte Suzuka gebaut Honda S800 Coupé Liebhaberfahrzeug mit Potenzial Inserat online seit 20.10.2020, 12:42. 34.800. Achetez votre Honda S800 d'occasion en toute sécurité avec Reezocar et trouvez le meilleur prix grâce à toutes les annonces Honda S800 à vendre en Europe. Véhicules inspectés, garantis et livrés à Paris ou devant chez vous. Voiture disponible sans délais |思い出の名車コーナートップへ| s800物語 復刻版パーツリスト s800|s800m フォトライブラリー. パーツのご提供につきましては、ご相談させていただきますが、ご希望に添えない場合もございます The Honda S800 Racing was a special and very limited edition model developed by Honda France as a turnkey high-performance model for aspiring amateur racing drivers. The Honda S800 Honda had started out making motorcycles in the late-1940s, but they'd been building motorized bicycles since the mid-1940s, and Soichiro Honda already had decades.

S800 Mを皮切りに、Honda初の4輪トラックから最新のF1マシンまで、Hondaの描いてきた夢とチャレンジスピリットを感じるコンテンツです。. 毎号付属するパーツの組み立て手順をステップを追って解説。. 3D図を見ながら工程を進めていくだけで誰でも組み立てが. honda s800 Gebrauchtwagen - Gebrauchtwagen suchen - Das Parking. Siehe die 3 7 Ergebnisse. 3 7. Ergebnisse. Filtern. Mitteilung erstellen. Neue Suchanfrage (1) +. Gebrauchte honda 38 honda s800 d'occasion sur le Parking, la recherche de voiture d'occasion la plus rapide du web. ? Trouvez la voiture de vos rêves

S800(ホンダ)の中古車を8台掲載中。S800の中古車検索や中古車販売などの中古車情報なら「カーセンサーnet」!リクルートが運営する中古車情報のサイトです。S800の中古車が様々な条件で検索可能。あなたの車選びをサポートします ホンダサウンド全開 Honda S800 Coupe. Honda S500 / S600 / S800. 1963-1964 S500 Convertible only. 1964-65 S600 Convertible / Coupe. 1966-1970 S800 Convertible / Coupe / M. If you have technical question, Please contact us at support@jdm-car-parts.com. Also for faster service, please have year, make, model, production date, serial number or parts number, and photos.

38 honda s800 d'occasion sur le Parking, la recherche de voiture d'occasion la plus rapide du web. Essence, diesel, hybride ? Trouvez l'automobile de vos rêves Buying Guide. If you are searching for a Honda S800 for sale, CAR FROM JAPAN is the right place.. On our website, customers can select the desired used Honda S800 for sale.With thousands of cars available, we - CAR FROM JAPAN - provide selections coming in different engine types, interiors, transmissions and installed features that suit your needs. We also provide various high quality models.

Honda S800. The Honda S600 is an automobile manufactured by Honda. It was launched in March 1964. Available as a roadster - bearing strong resemblance to the Honda S500 - and as a fastback coupé - introduced in March 1965 - the S600 was the first Honda available in two trim levels. During its production run up to 1966, the model. Daniel Wu's impeccable car collection really does it for us, in large part because they're builds - not just cars bought off a lot. And they're tasteful to b..

honda sports s800. クルマ好きなら誰でも知っている、 いまや伝説のスポーツカー。 それがホンダs800。 「世界に類の無いものをつくろう」───これは、いつも、ホンダのスローガンだった HONDA S800 Occasion: Kaufen Sie HONDA S800 Neu- & Gebrauchtwagen, die zu Ihren Wünschen passen bei AutoScout24. Hier finden Sie Ihr neues Auto zum günstigen Preis und können das Fahrzeugangebot leicht und schnell miteinander vergleichen. Ebenso können Sie Ihren HONDA S800 hier zum Verkauf anbieten

The 1970 Honda S800 is a RWD roadster by Honda featured in Forza Horizon 3 as part of the Playseat Car Pack, as standard in Forza Motorsport 7, and in Forza Horizon 4 as part of the Series 31 update. 1 Synopsis 2 Statistics 3 Conversions 4 Gallery 4.1 Forzavista 5 References The S800 is a rear-wheel drive roadster with a front-mounted engine, and comes with perfect weight distribution as well.

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ホンダS800の周りには、スポーツカーが憧れだった時代の空気がいまも漂っている気がします。軽量コンパクトな車体、800ccで70馬力を発生するオートバイのようなエンジン、そしてフロントガラスの向こうに昭和40年代のハイウェイが見えそうなコックピットの佇まい The basis of this Honda S800 is a proper box-section chassis with a rigid back axle, having wishbone and torsion-bar i.f.s. and coil-springs and twin trailing arms at the back, and a water-cooled light-alloy 4-cylinder, 60 x 70-mm. (791 c.c.) twin-cam engine inclined at 45 deg. at the front of the car, driving through a 6½-in. Fujikagaku diaphragm-clutch and an all-synchromesh all-indirect.

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Bid for the chance to own a 30k-Mile 1967 Honda S800 Coupe at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Lot #2,521 Honda | 四輪製品アーカイブ「S500 / S600 / S800」 Honda S800 1966 - 1970 . ThisOldHonda.org . 2006年2月21日時点の オリジナル [ リンク切れ ] よりアーカイブ The Honda S800 was the closely related descendent of the Honda S600 from 1964, which itself was a descendent of the first Honda S car - the Honda S500 from 1963. The S500 was Honda's second production car, the marque had started out making motorized bicycles before moving into motorcycles and finally into automobiles

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A true milestone in the automotive industry, the Honda S800 was the model that turned the Japanese automaker into a global player. The sales didn't go incredibly well, however, the S800 had tons. 1966 Honda S800: Honda S800 is a car that has a 2 door convertible/cabriolet type body with a front mounted engine powering the rear wheels. Its 4 cylinder, double overhead camshaft naturally aspirated engine has 2 valves per cylinder and a capacity of 0.8 litres. In this application it musters power and torque figures of 70 bhp (71 PS/52 kW) at 8000 rpm and 66 Nm (49 lbft/6.7 kgm) at 6000 rpm.

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  1. The Honda S800. After acquiring the car from a friend who had it sitting in his garage for 6 years, Wu decided the direction he wanted to take his project in. This one is called the Chinpira. Which in Japanese means low-level gangster. So the whole design brief was that the S800 is like a really classy cute looking car
  2. Honda › S800; Honda S800. filtr: Vše; Novinky (4) Ostatní (1) Honda S1000: Dostane malý roadster litrový turbomotor? Proslýchá se, že Honda vybaví svůj chystaný malý kei roadster motorem 1.0 VTEC Turbo a pošle ho i za hranice Japonska. 14. 11. 2014 7 20.
  3. The Honda S800 '66 is a road car produced by Honda. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. It is also available in Gran Turismo Sport, where it was added as part of Update 1.41, released on July 31, 2019. 1 Colors 2 In-game description 3 Acquisition..
  4. Honda S800 Coupé 1969 Restored. Highlights - Beautiful restored condition - Pewter Grey metallic paint - Black interior - 791cc four-cylinder engine - Wooden steering wheel - Delivered new in the Netherlands. This is a beautiful Honda S800 Coupé built in 1969. This Honda was delivered new in the Netherlands
  5. g in different engine types, interiors, transmissions and installed features that suit your needs
  6. The Honda S800 was designed as a Japanese take on the European - and especially British - sports cars of the 1960s and it manages to riff on this western design blueprint beautifully. You could.
  7. Honda S800 Models Price and Specs. The price range for the Honda S800 varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $5,400 and going to $9,020 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below. Year

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  1. The Honda S800 RSC '68 is a race car produced by Honda. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. 1 In-game description 2 Acquisition 2.1 GT4 2.2 GTPSP 2.3 GT5 2.4 GT6 3 Notes A special S800 by RSC, a tuning shop established by Honda. In 1963, the first Japanese Grand Prix was held at the Suzuka Circuit, and automobile racing had truly started in.
  2. Honda S800 RSC 2.5 Update @aphidgod New tires New inertia New default setup Some aero tweaks... New physics and improved visuals. New and improved physics by @aphidgod Revised visuals, new CSP paint shader and more shader... Fixed small bug on rear lights from 1.22
  3. Honda increased the S600's capacity to 791cc with the introduction of the S800 launched at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, initially retaining the smaller model's chain-drive before switching to a conventional shaft-drive, live axle rear end. Front disc brakes were a later addition, while an updated Mark 2 version appeared in February 1968 with.
  4. A copy of the 1969 parts list including exploded diagrams. Honda S800 Parts List . Published on Apr 14, 2016

Triple 9 Collection Honda S800 Cabrio. Email: Sledování ceny. Hlídat změnu skladové dostupnosti. Pomocí tohoto formuláře se nás můžete zeptat na bližší informace o Honda S800 Cabrio. Na Váš dotaz se budeme snažit odpovědět co nejdříve, zpravidla do druhého pracovního dne od odeslání zprávy In all the S800 is a competitive small-displacement sports car of its era, and will be all the more collectible because it's so rare in the U.S. Over the course of its production run, Honda made 11,000 examples of the S800, and in 1969 made significant changes to the car in anticipation of exporting the S800 to the United States

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Honda S800 to japoński, sportowy samochód osobowy typu roadster, który został po raz pierwszy zaprezentowany szerokiej publiczności w 1965 roku w toku Tokio Motor Show. Jego produkcja seryjna wystartowała rok później i trwała do 1970 r. - w jej toku powstało ok.11.500 egzemplarzy tego modelu En 1965, la Honda S800 a été présentée pour la première fois au Salon de Tokyo comme successeur de la célèbre S600 et appartenait à la première génération de Honda de voitures de sport. Spécial pour le modèle, c'était la technique japonaise avancée, qui a donné à la voiture le titre de voiture de production la plus rapide avec une cylindrée du moteur jusqu'à 1 000 cm3. En. HONDA S800: Toujours en quête de puissance accrue, la S800 remplace la S600, 791 cm 3 pour 70 ch et 760 kg, soit près de 100 ch au litre et 10.9 kg/ch. Cela donne une vitesse de pointe de 160 km/h, remarquable pour l'époque, et argument publicitaire important puisqu'elle entre dans la catégorie des plus de 100 mph. C'est mieux qu'une NSU Prinz TT qui a une cylindrée supérieure à 1000 cm 3 Honda S800 Honda S800 Marque Honda En 1966, le constructeur Honda présente en France ses coupés et ses cabriolets S800 dérivés des S500 et S600 déjà connus au Japon. Ils seront commercialisés à partir de 1967 dans une version plus aboutie. Historique. s800のホイールや車高調のカスタムの参考にしてください! ホンダ S800のカスタムに関する画像や動画がたくさん投稿されています! S800のカスタム・ドレスアップ情報[223件

Welkom op de website van de Honda S800 Club Nederland!. De doelstellingen. Het doel van de Honda S800 Club Nederland is het op betaalbare wijze zo lang mogelijk op de weg houden van rijdende Honda's van het type 'S', 'N' ,'Z' en 'T', zodat deze voor iedereen toegankelijk blijven 1966 ホンダ S800 ボディー・レストア済み 価格応談: 092 1968 ホンダ S800M Sold out: 083 2004 モーガン4/4 445万円: 080 1659 ACグレイ ハウンド ブリストルエンジン 価格応談: 101 1971 ロータス・エラン・スプリント 現在レストア中 価格応談: 098 1967 ホンダ S800 クー Honda|S800(1966年4月終了モデル). 1966年1月発表 1966年4月終了モデル. この情報は1966年4月現在のものです。. | このモデルのトップへ |. 主要装備. オプショナルパーツリスト. カーヒーター ホンダs800は英国風のスポーツカーデザインを踏襲し、ロードスターとクーペをラインナップに揃え1966年に販売を開始しました。 2017.08.13 ホンダ S600|Honda S60 Honda s800, dinky toys atlas model is nieuw in doos biedingen onder de bieden vanaf prijs wordt niet op gereageerd ver. Nieuw Ophalen of Verzenden. € 11,00 29 jun. '21. Hillegom 29 jun. '21

Koop uw Honda S800 gebruikte veilig bij Reezocar en vind de beste prijs bij alle Honda S800 classifieds die in Europa te koop zijn. Voertuigen geïnspecteerd, gegarandeerd en geleverd in Parijs of voor u. Auto beschikbaar zonder vertraging S800(ホンダ)の中古車情報を6台掲載!中古車情報のことなら【クルマ、グーネット中古車(Goo-net)】S800の中古自動車登録台数が豊富だから.

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Décryptage du modèle Honda S800 par la rédaction Caradisiac: Essais, avis de propriétaires, comparatifs, fiabilité sur le modèle Honda S800 honda s800 tweedehands - Zoeken naar een tweedehands auto - De Parking. Zie de 3 3 Resultaten. 3 3. Resultaten. Filter. Nieuwe zoekopdracht (1) +. Tweedehands honda. Honda s800

有別於一票男星偏好大馬力、外表炫酷的知名超跑,生性低調的香港藝人吳彥祖,反倒鍾愛別具風格的各式老車;日前吳彥祖便與Youtube頻道Hoonigan AutoFocus合作,為自家愛車Honda S800拍攝了一支高規格的微電影(汽車,老車,經典,跑車,吳彥祖,Honda,本田,S800,ETHonda ホンダ honda s6 s600 s800 強化サス290㎜(当店オリジナル品) 17,000円; honda s800リジット 強化サス250㎜(当店オリジナル品) 16,000円; シールリング4個セット(ダンロップ用)(c) 4,200円; レリーズシリンダーインシュレーター(e)予約 550円; バックランプスイッチ 4,000

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兵庫県内某所でhonda S800 S600等々、国産旧車を中心にレストア、カスタム、レーシング製作を行っています。 少年の頃から憧れていた車とバイクと玩具とガレージ、 男のロマンガレージライフを一緒に楽しみましょう Honda s800 1968 oldtimer de honda s800 is een cabrio met in lengterichting liggende voorin geplaatste motor en achterwielaandrijvi. 1968. 73.853 km. € 39.900,00 Gisteren. Lommel Gisteren. Ultimatecars Lommel. Honda S800 cabrio's(3 stuks) 3 honda s800 cabrio's voor opmaak of onderdelen! Voor alle info 049857894

ホンダ s800を複数の大手中古車サイトからまとめて探せる!レビューやグレード別価格表での比較や、年式・走行距離などこだわり条件での検索が可能です。日本最大級54万台以上の在庫データをもとにした価格相場も掲載中。新型モデルも続々入荷 Dieses Bauprinzip behielt Honda für die ganze Sports-Baureihe bei. Nur der spätere S800 bekam ab Mai 1966 eine konventionelle Starrachse an Längslenkern und Panhardstab. Die Vorderräder waren an Querlenkern mit längsliegenden Drehstabfedern Stoßdämpfern aufgehängt. Der Wagen hatte vorn und hinten Trommelbremsen. Die auf einen separaten.

ホンダ s800に実際に乗っているオーナーのレビューや口コミが満載。実燃費やエクステリア・インテリアに関する情報や、メンテナンス・カスタム方法が充実。ホンダ s800の様々な情報がここに!日本最大級のクルマ情報サイト「みんカラ A to doslova. Tohle je Honda S800 Racing, vyvinutá Hondou France a vyrobená v pouhých dvou exemplářích v roce 1967. Sportovní vozy S800 samozřejmě závodily i jinde, ale jejich vznik zjevně nebyl plně v režii automobilky, byť většina dílů pochází od závodní divize Honda RSC (Racing Service Center, dnes HRC) Honda S800 vs Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara Touring Cabriolet. More Honda cars 160. 1999 Honda S2000 239 ps, 1260 kg. 2007 Honda S2000 Type S 242 ps, 1270 kg. 1992 Honda CRX Del-Sol VTI 162 ps, 1080 kg. 2004 Honda S2000 240 ps, 1280 kg. Timeline. Hoppelmoppel123 13m

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Le club Honda classic est une association independante de la Honda Motor Company - Adherent FFVE PA 108 Honda Motor Co. traces its automobile roots back to 1959. The S800 was introduced to the world at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, and would replace the successful S600. Like the S600, it was available as either a coupe or roadster. What made it different was the displacement increase and significant styling changes to both the front and rear of the car La Honda S800 è un'autovettura prodotta dalla casa automobilistica giapponese Honda dal 1966 al 1970.. Presentata al Tokyo Motor Show del 1965, la S800 sostituì la Honda S600, andando a posizionarsi nel segmento occupato all'epoca dalla Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire e Fiat 850 Spider Honda S500 / S600 / S800. 1963-1964 S500 Convertible only. 1964-65 S600 Convertible / Coupe. 1966-1970 S800 Convertible / Coupe / M. If you have technical question, Please contact us at support@jdm-car-parts.com. Also for faster service, please have year, make, model, production date, serial number or parts number, and photos of your car or parts

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ホンダ S800の中古車情報・中古車検索。51万台以上の物件から、ホンダ S800の中古車がすぐに探せます。無料で電話問い合わせも可能。ホンダ S800の中古車両、クルマを探すならNTTレゾナントが運営するgoo - 中古 Honda S800 COUPE (KE KG KF KT KB KU KP KD KA KC KO) parts list. With three hundred fifteen products listed, the HEAD LIGHT-TURN SIGNAL LAMP-FRONT SIDE MARKER LAMP parts diagram contains the most products. With these S800 COUPE (KE KG KF KT KB KU KP KD KA KC KO) partsfiches you have access to four thousand twenty-four spares ホンダ s800のエンジン廻り-エンジン-エンジンオイル交換の整備に関する情報なら「みんカラ」。ホンダ s800に装着できるパーツの取り付け方法やメンテナンス情報が満載。整備手帳投稿数360万件突破!ホンダ s800の整備に関することは日本最大級のクルマ情報サイト「みんカラ Honda S800 in movies and TV series - Page 1/2 [ Next] Display options: Honda S800 Cabriolet in Lupin III, 2018 . 1966 Honda S800 Cabriolet in The Karate Kid, Part II, 1986 . 1966 Honda S800 Cabriolet in Fifth Gear, 2002-2020 . 1966 Honda S800 Cabriolet in Nu sha shou, 1971 . 1966 Honda S800.

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Honda S800 Coupe. Soichiro Honda begint in 1948 met het bouwen van motorfietsen en is nog geen twintig jaar later de grootste motorfietsfabrikant ter wereld. In 1962 start hij met de productie van auto's. Naast een kleine pick-up ontwikkelt hij een twaalfcilinder Formule 1-racer en kort daarna brengt hij zijn eerste echte personenauto op de. 1966 Honda S800: A True JDM Car. bringatrailer.com. With right-hand drive and fender-mounted side-view mirrors, this rear-wheel-drive S800 roadster has characteristics that well represent its Japanese origin. Offered for sale in Canada via BaT, the listing reports that the car was purchased new in Japan by an American serviceman and imported to.

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Honda S800 coupe, year 1969. Colour dark grey metallic with a black leather interior. This wonderful Honda S800 coupe was sold new in the Netherlands. This S800 was extensively restored a few years ago. The car shows all the original details and the automobile is in superb top-condition; concours In the early Sixties the Honda S-series were awe-inspiring to the average citizen when kei cars ruled the roads. The RSC which stood for Honda Racing Service Center, was even more so, bumping displacement to 873cc for a claimed 100-plus ps at 10,500 rpm (for comparison, a stock S800 made 70ps at 8,000 rpm) S800(ホンダ)車カタログでお気に入りのS800がきっと見つかる。S800に関するスペックやクチコミ情報をゲット!リクルートが運営する中古車の情報サイト「カーセンサーnet」 Comprar e vender carros usados | Standvirtua

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ホンダ・S800. -自動車のスペック表-. テンプレートを表示. S600 (エスろっぴゃく)は、 本田技研工業 がかつて生産、販売していた Sシリーズ 第2弾の小型 スポーツカー である。. 愛称 は「 エスロク 」。 Search for new & used Honda s800 cars for sale in Australia. Read Honda s800 car reviews and compare Honda s800 prices and features at carsales.com.au

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S800の中古車をお探しですか?【S800】を価格・年式・走行距離別で検索する。充実のカーセンサー認定車両は車両品質評価書付き。販売店舗のクーポン・セール情報でお得も。Yahoo! JAPANの中古車情報サイト(carview!)だから安心 ホンダ S800のレストア基地好きなら誰でも知っている、 いまや伝説のスポーツカー。 それがホンダs800。 「世界に類の無いものをつくろう」───これは、い つも、ホンダのスローガンだった At SEMA, Honda celebrates 60 years in the US market with a curated display of various historical vehicles mixed in the current and future production vehicles. But also accompanying the S800 was a restored Chevy pickup that was purchased and used by Honda in 1959 when it opened for business in the US, using the pickup truck to deliver. GARAGE COUPE: 静岡県伊東市吉田590-2 tel:fax0557-44-2002 オーナー:萩原 慶彦: 新着案内 第35回 alljapan honda sports meeting 更新しました Honda S800 | Autopedia | Fandom. In the coming weeks, your wiki will receive FandomDesktop, the new look and feel for Fandom! Read more here. Autopedia, the free auto encyclopedia. 11,417 Pages